“If you want to cross the ocean, you have to have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

– Christopher Columbus –


Krystal’s Bio:


Krystal Chong is the author of the highly acclaimed, hilarious and reader-proclaimed-life-changing-book, “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?!” – A fun and friendly guide to finding your magic, your purpose and yo’ self. She has started a revolution on letting go of fear, doubt and others expectations of you and finding and living the life you know deep down inside you are meant to live.

Krystal’s work has helped countless readers escape an unfulfilling and empty life and to manifest one they feel connected and aligned with; a life filled with meaning, joy and the things they’ve always dreamt of that they once believed were out of reach.

She is a conqueror of general anxiety disorder and depression and an active advocate for living your most fulfilling life – no matter the limitations.

Her light-hearted, relatable, humorous, yet action-focused approach to dealing with topics such as anxiety, life purpose and fear has made her a unique personality in the motivational space.

Krystal, like many of us, spent the first phase of her life accumulating all the things she thought would make her happy. Until one day she had a life-changing realization; More money, more success or more recognition was never going to fill that void she felt. She knew she needed a different path, but like many of us, she just didn’t know how to find it.

So – she did what any practical person would do, and resigned from a dream job as CMO for a publicly traded company. And moved to New York from Jamaica on her journey to figure out what would make her feel fulfilled, what it is that would make her truly happy. She not only found the answers to those questions, but that journey healed her issues with chronic anxiety and depression and led to her book which is helping others do the same.

She is now an author, a speaker and an entrepreneur, whose work is dedicated to helping other’s find and live their most fulfilling and happiest life.



Krystal holds a Master’s in International Business from ISM, Paris France and a Bachelor’s of Science, Psychology, from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. In a past life, she was the CMO of Honey Bun Ltd and was instrumental in building the company’s brand and taking it public.


But – really – Who the HELL am I?!


Allow me to introduce myself! – (Thanks Jay-Z)


The Real Talk Version:


I’m a Jamasian (Jamaican Asian) who’s also Canadian, Irish, English and Portuguese (and French at heart).  So basically – the biggest mutt there ever was!


I’m a reformed depressive and anxious mess, turned life-lover, explorer and purposeful soul!


My journey to finding myself and my purpose in life has led me to find such magic in the world, that it inspires me to nudge others into finding that magic as well!

My biggest passion is learning more and sharing more! So that you can use some of the things I’ve discovered on my own ‘modern-woman-seeking-happiness’ journey, to live life more fully yourself!  And so you can experience even more happiness every single day!

I like to feel good! As good as possible! As much as possible! In as many ways as possible!

I’m SO over feeling bad! OVER IT!



You are a powerful and unique human being, destined for such great things. You just have to learn how to use your mind ‘for you’ and not against you!


You know it, in your soul, that you are here for a reason! And that that reason is important! And that it will fill that hole or that longing that you feel inside.

The power is and always has been inside you. I’m just here to find it and use it!

I believe that my duty in changing the world is to help others heal their minds, having known this struggle intimately myself. Because I think the more people there are with healthy minds, the more people there will be to bring good, instead of pain, into the world.

(Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ theme song playing here).

Viva la adventurous, magical and awe-inspired life! It is the only way to live!

Hit up my book or my blog for more on how to unleash the you that you have always wanted to be! It’s fun and quite possibly the most fulfilling thing you can experience! And it’s not as hard as you think! Or join the community and grab some freebies before you go!

One love!


Words of Love From Ma Mum!



“Life is not like a multiple choice exam my darling. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s more like a painting. You just paint – And some people will appreciate your painting and some people just won’t and never will. And that’s ok. The most important thing is for it to be your authentic painting, which makes it the most powerful painting it could possibly be. And then at the very least, when all is said and done, you would have enjoyed creating it. So paint from the heart my love” – Momma Chong.

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