“Free yourself from mental slavery, none but yourself can free your mind!”

— Bob Marley —

So – Now – Who the HELL am I?!


Allow me to introduce myself! – (Thanks Jay-Z)


The short-ish summary:


I’m a Jamasian (Jamaican Asian) who’s also Canadian, Irish, English and Portuguese (and French at heart).  So basically – the biggest mutt there ever was!


I’m a reformed depressive and anxious mess, turned life-lover, explorer and purposeful soul!


My journey to finding myself, and my purpose in life has led me to find such magic in the world, that it inspires me to nudge others into finding that magic as well!

My biggest passion is learning more and sharing more! So that you can use some of the things i’ve discovered on my own ‘modern-woman-seeking-happiness’ journey, to live life more fully yourself!  And so you can experience even more happiness every single day!

I like to feel good! As good as possible! As much as possible! In as many ways as possible!

I’m SO over feeling bad! OVER IT!



You are a powerful and unique human being, destined for such great things. You just have to learn how to use your mind ‘for you’ and not against you!


You know it, in your soul, that you are here for a reason! And that that reason is important! And that it will fill that hole or that longing that you feel inside.

The power is, and always has been inside you. I’m just here to share stuff that nudges you into using it!

I believe that my duty in changing the world is to help others heal their minds, having known this struggle intimately myself. Because I think the more people there are with healthy minds, the more people there will be to bring good, instead of pain, into the world.

(Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ theme song playing here).

Viva la adventurous, magical and awe-inspired life! It is the only way to live!

Hit up my book or my blog for more on how to unleash the you that you have always wanted to be! It’s fun and quite possibly the most fulfilling thing you can experience! And it’s not as hard as you think! Or join the community and grab some freebies before you go!

One love!


  • Personal Values: Compassion. Honesty. Courage. FUN! Freedom above anything else! 

  • Former Corporate World Girl gone bad (or good) however you like to see it!

  • Former CMO of Honey Bun Ltd, Advisor to their board and former Marketing Director of WhistlePig.

  • MBA in International Business from ISM, Paris, France.

  • BSC Major in Science Psychology and a Minor in Business, McGill University, Montreal Canada.

  • Ideas turn me on!
  • I’m also fired up by a good biography, adventure of any kind, or a conversation about spiritual philosophy that intersects with neuroscience.
  • Obsessed with dogs!


And now…. comes my exponential explanation disorder!  BOOM!




The full length version!


I’m so cray! Crazy crazy crazy! Could have been potentially future Amy-Winehouse level crazy! Formerly on the brink of Bald Britney type of crazy!

Who knew that this would one day be the source of so much happiness and fuel and life?!

I used to drive myself insane! I was a hot piece of anxious, neurotic, depressive, OCD mess! (No seriously –  I was actually diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder. So we’re not talking temporary insanity here, like ex—girlfriend crazy. We’re talking legit crazy peeps! Chicken Little – The Sky is falling type-o-stuff! Day in- day out – for no reason at all!)

What saved me?!

My incessant obsession with, and admiration for ‘life!’

Specifically – How to make and get the absolute most of it! We only have one (that we know of) and it’s so precious and fleeting!

This ‘life’ obsession, paired with my bottomless craving for mind expansion led me on a spiritual hunt for the meaning and the purpose of my life! 

At first I did a science degree in University, thinking that sciences would get me closer to the answers I was seeking. I soon came to realize that science would never answer my questions, at least not in this life time. I changed my focus then to business. If I had to settle into ‘normalcy,’ I may as well do it in a place I can use my creativity and have some financial comfort.

Corporate world was challenging and fun. Making money and having society’s approval was something to experience, that’s for sure. But I soon came to realize that it would not give me the happiness and fulfillment I was looking for. And so, I became again possessed, with my quest for the meaning in life.

This took me on an incredible and very scary but wonderful journey! Which led me to find how to live so fully, filled with peace and certainty and connected to a divine guidance which brings magic and miracles into real life.

This journey led me to figure out some of the answer to my burning questions:


“How do you find your place in life? What are you supposed to do with you life? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Why was I made like this?” 

And then….

Good bye doom ridden dark and depressing world!


(Can we get a cliche drum roll here?)

Hello light and fluffy, hilarious, adventurous, magical life!

It was like going from being a cockroach stuck in a sewage pipe, to feeling like a care bear in that care bear cloud car with your care bear buddies!


And you know what? Having made peace with that ‘craziness’ within me, it’s now one of my defining and proudest qualities! It gives my life so much character and joy and makes me who I am in a very fun, love filled and un-turbulent kind of way!

And most importantly – I believe that of you!

That you are very very different in a way that can work against you. Or it can work for you! And when you make it work for you, not only will you find more success in life, in work and personal things, but you will just totally freaking love who you freaking crazy are!



Ugh! Help me! I’m going to explode!

And now my ultimate mission and purpose in life is to share what i’ve learned about living happily and peacefully within life, not despite of, but because of the craziness of our minds. To learn to escape the clutch of the prison of our minds, and instead to use our minds to experience life more blissfully and wholly!

I get so damn FIRED UP about stuff like this, because it’s incredible how the very thing that holds us back, is the very thing that can save and empower us!

It’s all just a battle within our selves! A simple perspective shift can change everything.

I’ve gobbled up teachings of old spiritual teacher’s like Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu, like it were a freaking fudge brownie! And I’ve fed my soul on teachings from Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Marie Forleo and Wayne Dyer! And literally thousands more!

Through my obsessive search, I’ve done the leg work, and combined them with fun modern day stories, into a fun little LifeCliffNotes (link to book) for you! And I loved every minute of doing it it! Yes I did!

Ok – enough about me! Now you!? What do you want in your life? How are you holding yourself back from it? What are you searching for? What will make you fulfilled?

Big questions. But – said in Yoda voice – powerful answers they are when you start to figure them out.

My book (live link) is a perfect place to start. It will take you on a fun little adventure of self exploration in the modern world. Read stories, not self help, having fun while tricking yourself into getting self helped! Loose yourself in a true tale, and come out the other side more inspired, self-aware and clear on what steps you need to take next!

You do you guuurl! (Or booooy) * snap snap *

My blog is a perfect place to keep up! Can’t digest an intensive “Find my magic, purpose and myself” guide right now? That’s cool. Or you already did, and you want more? Cool too! Sign up for my blog, to get weekly tidbits of how to keep becoming a better version of you. Soon, you won’t be able to get enough of your addiction for life! Just the way it was meant to be!

Other stuff:

I am passionately and obsessively curious. I’m a Foodie, life explorer, personal development junkie, avid over analyzer, dentist fearing, over protective loyal friend, who writes sentences that are too long.

I have such an unnatural level of empathy, that when I watch a movie where there’s a war scene, i’m devastated over the horses being wounded in the battle scene. This happens even if it’s a cartoon. I’ve been known to break a tear, and a semi-loud sob during a 15 second commercial.

I am obsessed with dogs, particularly my own – Louie. When walking him on the street I have open conversations with him.“Louie who are you looking for?” And answer myself back, through a voice I invented for him, “My friend Henry mom, his mom walks him at this time of day.” “Oh ok, does she usually take him on this street or should we go up one?” So, essentially, I have entire conversations with myself, through my dog. A fact which can sometimes be embarrassing to my very even-keeled techie Norwegian fiance. 


Words of Love From Ma Mum!


“Life is not like a multiple choice exam my darling. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s more like a painting. You just paint – And some people will appreciate your painting and some people just won’t and never will. And that’s ok. The most important thing is for it to be your authentic painting, which makes it the most powerful painting it could possibly be. And then at the very least, when al is said and done, you would have enjoyed creating it. So paint from the heart my love” – Momma Chong.

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