“What you seek … is seeking you.”

– Rumi –

Getting Past Paralyzing Failure – In 5 Gentle Steps

Feeling a lil’ anxious pants while typing this. But I’ve been avoiding facing this for far too long. And… It’s time to mann up. I launched KrystalTV. And it failed. And that was a tough pill to swallow…. But I mean, humiliating failure can make you shut right down. Which is exactly what it did to me… Here I share the steps that are helping me to get past what has felt like a paralyzing failure and move forward.

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Finally, when we realize there’s something we really want to do, self-doubt comes into the picture and gives us a good old mind f*ck. And even though it’s a normal part of the process it can be paralyzing. Here are 6 steps to tackle that BS.

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