“Close your eyes and imagine the best possible version of yourself.

THAT is who you really are.

Let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe that.”


–  Unknown  –


3 Ways To: Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

We can know we have to push outside our comfort zone, but still there is a gap, a big gap, between knowing that and doing that. Today’s episode will give you some tools to fill that gap to make going out of your comfort zone that much more doable.

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3 Ways To: Feel Happier Every Day!

Planning and having goals is obviously useful, necessary, and downright wonderfully fantastic (coming from type-A over here) but sometimes it can steal our happiness if we don’t balance it.

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Finally, when we realize there’s something we really want to do, self-doubt comes into the picture and gives us a good old mind f*ck. And even though it’s a normal part of the process it can be paralyzing. Here are 6 steps to tackle that BS.

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