“What if I fall?” “Oh but my darling, what if you fly?!”

— Erin Hanson —

Feeling a lil’ anxious pants while typing this.

But I’ve been avoiding facing this for far too long. And… It’s time to mann up.

So I’m gonna just come out with it.

I launched KrystalTV. And it failed.

And that was a tough pill to swallow. And I felt so embarrassed, I just avoided facing the whole thing altogether – which is why you haven’t heard from me for like literally 9 months.

(Holey mackerel this post is really happening.)

By failed I mean – I got bad feedback that was … I’d say quite crushing to hear lol and then kinda buried my head ostrich style and gave up lol (I’m only lol-ing bc this is so freaking awkward – lol).

Truthfully, in hindsight the format was flawed, it’s hard to connect and communicate something meaningful when you’re rushed to do it in few minutes. But the tough-to-take-feedback was the personal critique, mostly around me being ‘too much’ – (hand on head emoticon) which I took to mean a little annoying elol (embarrassed laugh out loud). Aaaaand – Now I’m jumping out the window. *Sigh*

It made me so self-conscious and so self-critical, that I just (as we say in Jamaican) ‘seized up’ and literally could not bring myself to shoot or post any more episodes much less confront the problem. *Double Sigh*

I was really riding on a high from the overwhelmingly incredible reader response to my book and I just … well … I just wasn’t prepared for that royal face plant of a floppity-flop-flop that my ‘ole buddy the universe had stored up for me.

(Still feeling anxious pants as I continue…)

But ok – it happened. And looking back, I can totally see why people gave me that input constructively. I mean, in general I’m a little too much, and I was so excited about the episodes and making it fun for you, that it got a little more turnt up than usual. :S Apparently that was no beuno amigo.


But I mean, humiliating failure can make you shut right down.

Which is exactly what it did to me….

(VERY surprisingly starting to feel a lil’ less anxious pants now).

So – that’s what happened.


And now – I’m here to stop hiding, take back control of my life, and move past it.


And to share the steps that are helping me to get past what has felt like a paralyzing failure for this little while –  in case anyone else is going through the same thing.

I’ve had 9 months to heal my ego lol. Well, as healed as it will ever be lol. And to reflect on what went wrong. And what to do about it. And I’ve decided to take some sage advice from Einy..


“You never fail until you stop trying.” Einstein.


So – Instead of turning out the lights over here, and crawling into never-never land, I’m gonna (as we say in Jamaica) wheel and come again. 

Not with the one-man show format like I’ve done before but with a new approach.

What I’d like to do is have KrystalTV be interviews with other inspiring people, to share advice and perspectives from them.

Mainly because I think this format has much more value to offer you and will be much more interesting and content rich for each episode.

But also because – I feel much less intimidated about doing that lol. And I gotta get myself to start somewhere, and making that starting point as least intimidating as possible makes it more likely to actually happen.

So that’s the plan – BUT – As I’m presently, literally, like 500 months pregnant at the moment, that format will have to wait a little while – so look out for that in the future.

And in the interim, instead of leaving you totally hanging – I thought I would take my own advice and start with some baby steps. I’ll start back with written pieces and pop those in your inbox only when I think something is truly valuable to share with you.

So the format for the new and improved KrystalTV will be written posts and videos. But the objective of Krystal TV will be the same – To help you get past your mental blocks so you can live your most fulfilling lives! Cause mannnn, isn’t that just what it’s all about!!

SO! If this doesn’t work for you, I will totally understand and you’re welcome to unsubscribe – no hard feelings.

BUT – I do want to say that – part of the reason I took this so hard – was because when I launched Krystal TV – I just could not believe the support you showed me – and I just felt so really seriously deeply moved by it and the fact that you put your faith in me – that I just felt so bad that I had disappointed you.

But – it’s that faith that you put in me that is also now inspiring me to brush my bum off, get up and get back in it.

So, really, from the bottom of my heart, I want to send you as much love as humanly possible and thank you for the support and kindness you’ve shown me. I wuv you.

If you have constructive feedback/suggestions for me I would love to hear them! Hit me up at krystal@krystalchong.com

So!! Onward and upward!!


Here are 5 action steps YOU can take if you’re going through some paralyzing failure but want to move past it:

  • Remind yourself that failure is a natural and normal part of the journey – everyone who has ever succeeded had to go through exactly what you are going through right now. It doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. But you DO have the power to determine how this story will end. Here’s a couple little gems from our good ole man Einy to hit this one home.

“Failure is success in progress.”
“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”
“You never fail until you stop trying.”

  •  Take some time to step back if you need it. But make the commitment to re-address it as soon as you can.
  • Be honest with yourself about what happened, as hard as that might be. Defensiveness won’t serve you, it’s a natural reaction but it will only hold you back. But true self-reflection – that will get you every where.
  • Think constructively about what to do from here. Brainstorm ideas with others if you need to. But keep it on your mind, and in time the answer will come to you.
  • Start with baby steps and just get back in the game in a way that’s comfortable and encouraging to you and take it from there.



Feel free to leave comments below, I always love hearing from you!

And if you have a story about a failure you’ve been through and advice to share with us about what got you through it, we would all love to hear – so pls let us know in the comments below!

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Krystal Chong is a self-help author and founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety, a company that provides a comprehensive, organic, and enjoyable solution to anxiety. She helps high-achieving women take back control of their minds and lives and uncover the happiest and most effective versions of themselves. Her unique method is a hybrid of findings in spirituality and neuroscience.

Krystal’s 5-star reviewed book, What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?!, has inspired thousands to move towards mental wellness and meaningful work. She was formerly the CMO for Honey Bun Ltd and holds a BSc and an MBA from McGill University and ISM. She is frequently featured in the media on topics around wellness and meaningful work.

Grab the free introduction to Krystal’s book here. Or for more information or to work with Krystal, visit www.krystalchong.com.

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