“What you seek … is seeking you.”

– Rumi –

3 Ways To: Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

Great things never came from comfort zones!

Christmas is coming up and it’s time to try something new! ūüôā

Because listen – with every cell in my body – I waaaaaant you to have that thing – that thing your heart desires, that thing you think about when you’re alone at night, that will make you feel complete. But I know it’s hard to push past that fear and that discomfort to do what you gotta do to get it.

Understandably, it’s hard to do something new. You’re scared. You don’t know what will happen. You’re afraid of rejection. You’re afraid to fail. I understand. I feel that way too every time I have to do something new.

But here’s the thing, unless we push past that discomfort, we’ll never have that thing that we really want, or do that thing we dream of doing. Right? We know this, but still, it’s just not that simple. We can know we have to push outside our comfort zone, but¬†still¬†there is a gap, a big gap, between knowing that and doing that. Today’s episode will give you some tools to¬†fill that gap to make going out of your comfort zone that much more doable.

With the holidays and the new year coming up, this is the perfect time to be bold and try something new.

Remember, “Great things never came from comfort zones.” You’re meant¬†for¬†great things and a life filled with everything your heart desires. Use this episode to help you get past that initial discomfort so you can get what you came here to get my sweet soul sister.

Sending so much hugs and love!



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